Sunday, April 1, 2012

A sea of Scilla

Happy birthday big sister :)

I made you a sea of virtual Scillas to enjoy until the real ones come :)



  1. hi..i was foloving this blog for awhile naw,superb job man,respect!and i have to say your lessons or instructions were a great help for me should make a demo clip of your world,.iam very curious,how it looks :) or maybe you have one already?

    1. Hi, and thank you. Good to know that they are useful.
      I haven't made any demo clip, perhaps I should, thanks for the idea. Right now the world is just a barren landscape, I haven't started populating with plants or objects jet. It will be a lot nicer to see once there is some textures and grasses :)

  2. plain landscape is great think to show aswell..then we can see how big the area and how the landscape looks.:)