Saturday, April 21, 2012

New ground textures

I have been home all week with a nasty cold, but I tried to do something fun when I had the energy. The has resulted in 16 new 2048 resolution ground textures of leaves, needles, grass and some gravel. They all have a light and a dark variant, I can't decide which I like best so I'll probably keep both. I have lots of photos of moss and stones that I will keep working on.

Everything was working great, they were seamless and look really nice in the game. Then something happened when I saved new ones as dds, and now things are not so nice anymore...

So, when I save as dds (without alpha) as DXT1, there is an alpha created, and in this alpha the image gets a small black border. This will then be transparent in game, and result in a fine but distinct black line around the texture. This happens if I make my own totally white alpha layer and saves with DXT5 too.
I have no idea what changed... I will have to figure this out later when I have more energy.

Thanks to Ianuarius comment I now have textures that work :) Thank you!

Next week I will go to Ireland for 10 days, and I hope to take lots of nice pictures to use for the game, like ground textures, new flowers, bushes and trees. Vacation photos will never look the same again once I started to do textures :)



  1. I have one idea.

    When I scale down stuff in Photoshop, if it's not as Background layer it sometimes leaves the borders of the layer a bit anti-aliased i.e. 1px half opaque lines.

    So, this might not even be the problem, but make sure when you're scaling down your textures that they are on the Background layer in Photoshop. That way the borders will stay unchanged.

    1. I know that for some I don't have the layer as background, so it may very well be the problem. I'll try it and see what happens.
      Thanks :)

  2. just a question what part of Ireland?!iam there 2..for a few weaks..location co kerry Killarney..:) wheather sux abit here at the moment rainin all the time..have fun..looking forward for a new update

    1. We are going around the island :)
      We start out in Dublin and go north to Dunleer to see one of my sisters, continue to the north coast, then go south along the west coast. And finally go east to Wexford to see my other sister. Before anyone asks, I have no Irish relations, my sisters just got tired of the snow and moved to Ireland :)

      I think we will actually pass by kerry Killarney sometime next week. We're probably stay the night somewhere in that area. Anything you recommend we should see around there?

  3. ya..Killarney has a huge national part..great woods,lakes and mountains..u can get lats of nice chots there..and enjoy the views