Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hoddminir Grasses

I'm finished with all the grasses I had planed to do, for now at least. You can find them on Nexus here:

There is 37 different grasses, some with yellow variants. I got permission from the creator of Lush Grasses mod to use his models to have a more lush variant model as well. Thanks SparrowPrince :)

There is grasses with just blades or blades and plumes, and there is small and big grasses.  I'm pleased with the details in some of them. Hopefully this will give all that variation that I have been hoping for. I really look forward to mixing some of these together with the summer flowers I will do next. There is potential to create some beautiful meadows, or vast grassy plains :)

Until I can let you all play with this, here are some pictures on some of the different species.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Promoting the Adabala Building system

When I was making this world for my role playing game, one of the core ideas was new civilization living in the ruins of an old one. I have mentioned before that there is a ruined road system through the land, called Heimdallr's roads by the Seylanders. I got some ideas for this from the Ayleid ruins in Oblivion, and I always pictured them built like those bridge and arches models. But these structures where one of many thing not present in Skyrim. I tried building with other models, but nothing looked the way I wanted...

Then some time back Varlaisaran said that he was remaking the Ayleid ruins for Skyrim, and I was overjoyed. He needed help with textures, so I helped by making some of the plain and carved stone and marble textures.
Today the ruins was released, and I'm playing around with them right now. There is a lot of potential to make some great things with this :)

You can download the resources here:

I'm especially pleased with these two textures, I had to figure out how to do the carvings in PhotoShop and it turned out really nice, if I can say so myself :)

Varlaisaran, THANK YOU so much for making these!
The models are beautiful, and now, the vision I have in my head can finally come in to the Hoddminir world :)