Thursday, April 19, 2012

Beta Hoddminir world space

Some time ago I was asked if I could make a video of how my world space looked. I have been thinking on how to do this in a good way, the world is just so large there is no good way to show it all. Instead I decided to make the experience interactive by releasing the world as it is on Nexus.

The world space is completely empty, no objects, regions, weather or landscape textures. There is a esp that can be loaded at the same time as the main esm containing map marker for settlements and towns, all of these can be fast traveled to.There are only map markers where the humans live, to the rest of the world you will have to walk :)

I also released the raw file used to make the world. Anyone who wants to use it or part of it is welcome to. I like idea of others using this world and making there own story in it. There are a lot of interesting terrains that would work well as there own worlds if you want something a bit more manageable that 16x16 quads.

I suggest to change the weather using the console if you want something a bit more nice looking that default weather. Here are links to a list of Weather ID and a nice video showing them in game.

Enjoy a looong walk in Hoddminir :)


  1. OMG..been waiting for this..and i can say so far its impresive..u have geat blog,u dooing great job,and your tutorials are the great help for me as well,ty ..

  2. I uploaded the wrong map marker esp :(
    There is a new working esp now on nexus so you don't have to download the whole thing again. Of course the zip file containing the esm and esp is also updated.

  3. Kia ora

    this is really unreal mate,.. given region generation seems to mean planting ever blade of grass, rock, tree flower by hand. Well seems like that to me as I have never found a tutorial for region generation that doesn't flow off into LOD.

    Oblivion was not so bad a, open highmap editor go to region gen, pick say blackmash
    draw the cell grid's you wanted and hit go, it randomly drop everything there ready to tweek, done and dusted.

    I;am how ever taken buy your tut's on worldspaces, I don't know if you every stepped low enough (as I did lol) to play world of warcraft , but any how theres an area called Moonglade, a really choice wee spot of land with neat water ways and a elven village, water fall and the likes, from waht your saying I could use the map of that place and convert it to grayscale tweek it a bit to make thing clear for software and generate a worldspace like that to build a wee world of my own in right? or is a colour map grayscaled not gonna work

  4. How can you play this map? I is so much bigger than skyrim and if you play on maps bigger than (what again is the limit?) the game breaks.
    Or did i miss something..? I always wanted to create my own world, with my own story and lore, with its own 'character'...just like you. But how can you make yours so big? could you please tell me? It would just be wonderful if i could make one myself..bigger than 2000x2000 pixel...:)
    thank you in advance and the best wishes for your project!