Saturday, March 10, 2012

Test of Regions

I'm playing around with Region Generation in the CK, starting to get a hang of it :)
So far I've made regions with textures and trees, next will be stones, bushes and flowers. 



  1. Have you got LOD working for your trees? When I add a tree to my worldspace it is only viewable when I get close. I could use is full LOD on every tree but that would be a drain on performance. Have you got a work around for the broken LOD generation in the CK?

    1. I have almost got it working, I get tree lods, but the lods don't disappear when I get close. Others have solved this, I just haven't had time to try it out jet.
      You can read more about how others have made object and tree lods here:
      But there is one big issue is you have a world larger than -32 to +32 in cell coordinates. The tree lods will show, but line up on the border of the 32 cell. No one knows how to solve this get.
      I have linked to some images of the problem in this thread:

      But if your world is small, than you want have this problem :)

    2. Region generation is quite nice. Have you figured out a good way to paint regions where you want them? Since the region editor doesn't zoom out very far and you can't view the heightmap under the cells, it's a little difficult/time consuming to tell where regions are being drawn.

  2. Replies
    1. Working in it :)
      I will make a longer post on region generation, but I still have some thing to figure out.