Wednesday, February 22, 2012

.lod File Generator

For those of you who want to make your own .lod files but would rather not mess around with a hex editor I now present:

made by Geggakloss

This is a simple command based program that can make a .lod file for Skyrim worldspaces without the use of a hex editor.
This file is needed in addition to the meshes and textures that make up the LODs to show in the game.
No installation needed, just run exe file.
Run LodFileGenerator_v0.01.exe

The program will ask for:
1) Name of your worldspace
2) x coordinates of the lower left cell
3) y coordinates of the lower left cell
4) width of your world measured in number of cells

The program will create a "YourWorldspace".lod file in the same directory as the exe file.

Put the .lod file under Skyrim/Data/lodsettings (create this folder if it does not exist)

A world that starts at (-64,-64) in the lower left corner and ends at (64,64) has a width of 128 cells.
The name of the worldspace is test.
For this worldspace answer:
1) test
2) -64
3) -64
4) 128

If your world size in smaller than tamriel, you can use the tamriel.lod and rename it for your worldspace. 

Know issues: 
The .lod file generated will not work for worlds spaces smaller then 32 cells in width!

EDIT (2012-03-04)
New version out (v0.02), hopefully all issues are now fixed .


/E and J


  1. Thanks for all the information you posted, I've finally gotten the heightmap for my mod into the game!

    Needs to be smoothed and have the texture generated, obviously, but I wouldn't have gotten this far without the useful information you've posted.

  2. Hey, when I hit the LOD gen executable, a window appears for a sec then disappears. I've used this before a bunch of times with no prob. i just redid my system, and in doing so went from an ATI vid card to an Nvidia card, but that's the only real difference. Any Ideas?