Friday, February 10, 2012

Skyrim - Image Library of Textures with 3D grass

Finally the Creation kit for Skyrim has arrived :)

One thing I do miss from Oblivion is all the diversity in the resources.  I really like the Skyrim theme, the tundras and snow, but I would also like to make lush forests and seas of green high grasses and flowers. As a comparison to a earlier post with the 3D grasses  of Oblivion, these are the vanilla Skyrim ground textures that has 3G grasses:
LCoastBeachGrass01 LFallForestGrass01 LFallForestGrass01NoFerns
LFallForestGrass01NoFerns LFieldGrass01 LFieldGrass02
LForzenMarshGrass01 LForzenMarshLichen01 LGrassSnow01
LPineForest02 LPineForest03 LReachGrass01
LTundra01 LVolcanicTundraDirt01
I hope someone makes more grasses, trees, flowers and ground textures. I'm not at good at making textures and models, but I guess I will have to learn :)

The amount of grass, that is the density can be set in the CK for each grass.

Comparison of a density setting of 10 to 70:


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