Saturday, January 5, 2013

[REL] Water plants and Ztrees rocks

It is almost like it is Christmas again, be course here is a double release for you :)
First of are the water plants and them we also have Ztrees rocks.

The water plants

I have mentioned before that I have been working on some new water plants, and now the long wait is over :)
There are three types of plants; lake and river plants for fresh water, kelp and algae for salt sea water and plants that grow on the shore. All these are simple low poly re-textures grass models. I have again used SparrowPrince Lush Grass models for some thicker variants.

You can download them here on Nexus.

There is an added surprise for you that I have not show here before.
Ztree have been working on several new plants and trees, and I have helped by making some additional textures. It has been a really nice collaboration with results of life like plants. One of them are new water lilies, and they are also released with the rest of the water plants :)

All in all there are 26 variants to choose from, including five different models with and without flowers, and different colors of flowers too. They look stunning in game, and we will use every opportunity to use them in Hoddminir.

As an optional file you can download a image library with jpg of the plants in game. These are really helpful to keep track of all the plant variants you can choose from when modding (I will add similar image libraries to the previous plants releases too).

Ztrees Rocks

There are 13 different rocks, all using 13 of my ground texture rock textures. I have to say I love these rocks. The have working collision and they are whole models so they can be turned any way you like, not like Skyrims original rocks that have holes in the bottom.

You can download them here on Nexus.

I hope you will enjoy these as much as we have :)

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