Saturday, December 29, 2012

More Hoddminir forest

This morning I took a walk in the new Hoddminir forest for the first time, and I was stunned. It is all done using the region generator (by Noir) and I'm amazed at the variation in the environment.
It has Ztree's lovely new Scottish pines and bracken and they look fantastic :)

I will see if I can make a video later on, screen shots just will not do it justice.


  1. Här kan man njuta av skogens sus

    1. Det som saknas är faktisk just suset av träden :)

  2. Any chance of releasing how you used the Region generator? Mine never seems to work! Awesome looking forest!

  3. Lets turn it around: what didn't work out with your regions? I always find it much easier to help with certain problems than to write an all around introduction. You also might find some helpful information in this thread:

  4. That just looks so bleedin' fine!