Saturday, September 8, 2012

Promoting the Adabala Building system

When I was making this world for my role playing game, one of the core ideas was new civilization living in the ruins of an old one. I have mentioned before that there is a ruined road system through the land, called Heimdallr's roads by the Seylanders. I got some ideas for this from the Ayleid ruins in Oblivion, and I always pictured them built like those bridge and arches models. But these structures where one of many thing not present in Skyrim. I tried building with other models, but nothing looked the way I wanted...

Then some time back Varlaisaran said that he was remaking the Ayleid ruins for Skyrim, and I was overjoyed. He needed help with textures, so I helped by making some of the plain and carved stone and marble textures.
Today the ruins was released, and I'm playing around with them right now. There is a lot of potential to make some great things with this :)

You can download the resources here:

I'm especially pleased with these two textures, I had to figure out how to do the carvings in PhotoShop and it turned out really nice, if I can say so myself :)

Varlaisaran, THANK YOU so much for making these!
The models are beautiful, and now, the vision I have in my head can finally come in to the Hoddminir world :)



  1. Hi,

    I would simply like to thank you for sharing freely so much knowledge with us. I'm following the articles on your blog since the beginning and you can't imagine the time I spared learning from your experience !

    Greetings from Switzerland (another Skyrim-like country :)


    1. Hi Dimitri.
      Nice to hear that the guides have been helpful for others too. I myself go back to them every now and again when I have forgotten what I actually did before. And as they say, sharing is caring :)
      Switzerland is so beautiful. When I imagine Hoddminir I take my inspiration from the Alps more than Sweden. I just love the dramatic look of the Alpine mountains.