Tuesday, June 19, 2012

[REL] Hoddminir Ground Texture Pack

I have made 162 new ground textures for the Hoddminir project and I thought I would share it with you.
You can download them from the Nexus site.

The resolution is 2048 px, and all textures are seamless and have normals. There are new grass, moss, leaves, sand and rock textures, with two different color variants of each, in total 324 textures.
Some of the textures will look good on larger areas, but others have details that make them a bit repetitive and probably work better as smaller details. There are many different kinds of textures, some colorful and some more dull. All may not be useful for you, but hopefully some will be.


Added 1024 and 512 resolution textures as well.

I have made an Image Library of all the textures so it will be easier to find a specific texture and see how they look in the game.
This is the only way I can find the textures I'm looking for when making my mod :)  


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