Sunday, June 10, 2012

New green grasses

Today I when for a walk and took photos of grasses. The idea is to re-texture the Skyrim grass with some new variants. I'm going do some different color variants of each type.
The first one is done and there is more to come :)



  1. I hope you keep posting about the modding process. This blog has been, and will hopefully continue to be, a great resource on things like world space creation. Your posts have helped me a lot in getting me started on my first major mod for Skyrim.

  2. Outstanding blog! Keep the updates coming!
    Just want to ask about Geocontrol2. Is there a way to section off a height map in the programe so you can apply different erosion types to the same map? So I can have rolling hills and jagged cliffs?

    1. There probably is a way to do that, but I'm not so good at Geocontrol. I have only fidled around until it looked good and never really learned the tool proparly... It's on my todo list :)