Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Some eyecandy

I have taken some screenshots from a long ride in the new landscapes.

These are from the westen lands called Andlang. First the vally of Tiwsborg, and then the plains that will be covered with forests.

Then I went to the east, where the river Vanir will work as the border of this section of the world. The town of Freigard will sit at the shore.

Whent for a swim in the river, took forever to get to the other side :)

Along river Vanir is were I originaly held my DnD roleplaying game. This is the site for the town of Skollsbro.

Riding up the vally from the town.

Looking down at Skollsbro from the mountain ridge.

These mountains are the border between two kingdoms, Vidblain in the west and Hoddminir in the east. On the other side from Skollsbro is the Hugin Vally, were my original game started. From the pass you can see down in the vally. I plan to make a lake there, with the village Åmot at the shore.

And no screenshot collection can be without sunsets :)
From along the Vanir river.


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