Ground Texture Image Library

Welcome to the Hoddminir Ground Texture Image Library

The idea with this image Library is for users of this texture pack to see and find the specific texture they would like to use, and to see how the texture will look in game over a larger area.
The textures are divided over nine general groups. This division is a bit arbitrary, as some textures have for example both grass and moss.
Here the groups are presented in alphabetical order, with a small description and number of textures in each group.
Click on each group to see the pictures.


16 textures. Chipped tree bark of different size and color.


14 textures. Textures of soil and hard packed dirt.


66 textures. Yellow and green grass and other low ground covering plants. Some contain moss, leaves, dirt and stones.


40 textures. Fallen leaves of maple, birch, oak, aspen, willow, breech and other trees. Photos are taken during spring, autumn leaves will come later.


40 textures.  White, green and yellow moss and lichen. Some have leaves, needles or small plants.


12 textures. Textures of pine and spruce needles of different color. There are also textures of a mixture of needles, cones and grass or other plants.


80 textures. Different rock types from granite to lavestones, some with moss and lichen.


32 textures. Wet and dry sand textures, some with seashells and stones.


4 textures. Textures of small stones and gravel.

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