Sunday, February 3, 2013

New trees and bushes

At the moment I'm working on new textures for trees and bushes. I thought I show some of the progress I have so far. I have many more species I would like to do, like spruce, apple, oak, maple, ash, aspen, birch and so on :)

Most of these uses models Ztree made, but there are also some vanilla re-textures models.

I made rowan trees and bushes, both with and without flowers. I'll probably make a variant with the pretty red berry's too later on. All of these are re-textures of Ztrees trees and bushes.

Ztree made some really nice new Juniper bushes for the mod. He made two texture variants (shown on bush 01 and 02) and I made one extra (shown on bush 03 and 04).

I promised before to show of Ztrees new Scottish pines too :)

One of my favorite spring bush is the sloe or blackthorn, and I really wanted it in the mod. Making these really made me long for spring :)
These are both ztrees and vanilla modes.

Today I also made some raspberry bushes. It would be nice to be able to actually pick raspberries from them too. I see If I can figure out how to do that with Nifscope.

I have some more, but I will show them of later :)


  1. are those trees static or are the animated?

    Great work so far!

  2. The new Version of Tes5edit with tree .lod btt patcher is just out, and its working !

  3. ...Just in case anyone would need it :
    In order to make 100% custom animated trees with animated colliders, LOD, scripts, etc... You may have a look @ here: