Monday, October 15, 2012

The Forest of Hoddminir

Great things are happening :)
Two weeks ago Noirdesir contacted me and asked if I needed any help with region generation for Hoddminir. And yes I most definitely did, but I hadn't planed to start with region generation until all the plant resources where done, probably sometime next spring :)
But most thing were finished  for a conifer forest, and I had just the spot, the great Hoddminir forest. Ztree also volunteered to make some more models for the forest and he has now made several beautiful scotch pines. I'm still working in branch textures so I'll show them later on.

I have just got the first test region, and I have walked around and looked at everything.
It looks fantastic :)
I thought I would give you all a sneak peak too.



  1. This looks absolutely terrific. Did you do all of this with the region generation in the creation kit? Is there any way that you upload your regions as guideline for region generation?

  2. Yes, all this was done with the region editor and the region is still far from finished. I'm planning to do some sort of guidelines / tutorial when I have some more time, probably after this first region for Hoddminir is finished. Currently I need to get used to the region editor once again, because I haven't worked with it for several months now.

  3. Howdy! Does the rate of updating your domain depend on specific things or you write articles when you have an inspiration or spare time on that? Waiting forward to hear from you.

    1. I would say it's a mix, time, inspiration and new things to show of. I would like to show what is going on in the project, new things we make and of course if there is a release of for example resources. But sometime real life takes up a lot of the available time and energy, and then there are less frequent updates, and for that matter time to actually work on the mod, than I would wish.