Sunday, May 20, 2012


I have been working with Ztree to make new undergrowth plants (there is a thread on the Bethesda forum). Ztree has made some really nice new models :)
My favorites so fare is the fern and crane models, I can see that they could be very useful.
So far I have only made high resolution textures of woodland cranes and anemones, but I will keep working.

I made a braken fern texture on two different models, an unknown plant on a fern model, Meadow sweet (without flowers) and Lady's Mantel.

Update: 2012-09-11
ZTree just released his trees and with them among other things the undergrowth plants.
I have made some more textures (the pictures above) that you can download from here:
1k resolution and 2k resolution.

I really recommend this resource, there are some nice trees, rocks and plants. I'll be using them a lot :)


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